Description of our Finding Service

A.M.M. Services uses a computerized database management system used to track the private market in high-end used vehicles in the San Francisco Bay area and Northern California. A.M.M. Services is a highly personalized service geared to catering to individual buyers.

A.M.M. Services represents buyers exclusively; no fee is taken from sellers.

We are capable of finding on the private market any high-end car for which there is an active market if it has been advertised at least once in the past six months in a Sunday edition of one of five major San Francisco Bay area/Northern California newspapers. In addition, inventory from reliable commercial sources is available.

The search process is initiated by requesting from the database a list of cars matching the client's parameters. Follow-up on all such cars narrows the field to those which appear to be a good fit. Formal appraisals of these vehicles are scheduled and completed.

On the basis of the appraisals, the client is referred directly to the seller of the one or more car(s) which appears to be the best fit after negotiations have been initiated, and there is a reasonable probability of a sale. The client is free at this point to conduct his own transaction with the seller. Alternatively, we convey the client's offer to the seller, and handle any remaining negotiations.

In summary, once the database has yielded all possible matching cars, the search becomes a process of elimination, winnowing down all available candidate vehicles until the right one is identified.

The fee for finding a car is 4% of the sale price of the vehicle, with a $1000 minimum, payable separately. Of the fee, $350 is payable as a retainer before the search is initiated. Except where a consulting fee (if Consulting Service was used) is accepted in lieu of retainer, this is refundable if the search does not go past the first round of follow-up calls on cars yielded by the database matching the client's requirements.

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